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Classic Car Restoration Issues

Selecting a Specialist

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Classic Car Restoration Issues

Written By: Jillynn Stevens, Ph.D
Date: 08/19/2015

When looking for auto body services that are niche—such as classic car restoration—you don't want to trust your baby to just anyone. You (and your ride) deserve a specialist. Every auto body shop has preferred projects, and it's often reflected in the passion of the owner. Don't trust a classic car to the skills of a shop that specializes in new cars, has never performed a complex classic car restoration or that doesn't have the connections to get the right vintage parts.

Easily one of the toughest parts of restoring a classic car is simply finding the goods. Your car doesn't even need to be particularly rare in order to make this a challenge. For example, restoring an 80s Ford Bronco can be a nightmare when it comes to finding something as seemingly simple as a seatbelt replacement. Scouring sites like Bronco Graveyard is enough to drive an owner mad, but reputable collision repair shops have insider information to get that part like new at a surprisingly low cost.

Restoration is a big and dirty job. Are you sure you have the right professionals in your corner?

Securing the Value of a Classic Car

Revamping a classic car isn't like trying out a new recipe. It's not so easy to "start over" if you (or your body shop) mess up. This is a one shot deal. It's your job to secure the value and protection of a classic car by choosing a body shop that specializes in vintage cars and—preferably—has worked on a very similar model before. Ask for before and after photos, the experience of each technician who will be working on the car, check out their repair gallery and honest assessments of results you can expect.

Surprisingly, one sign of a good repair shop is when they say a certain result won't be perfect. Sometimes no amount of money is going to get you flawless results. However, you should expect very, very good results that are often perfect to the untrained eye. If a shop says they can't do something, they should be able to refer you to someone else nearby who can.

Showing Off the Goods

Once your baby is primped, pampered and primed, it's time to take it on the road. For many classic car owners, one of the biggest thrills is participating in car shows, get-togethers and cruise nights in spades.

Whether it's at the county fair, a classic car club or one of many special events where you can show off your ride, classic car shows are a fun time for nearly everyone. Every single state has classic car shows at one time or another. There's a space and community for every make, model and era. For your oldie but goodie, depend on a local classic repair shop for your restoration.


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